Mika Molenkamp
Generalist Game Programmer
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In ShiftDrive, you control a spaceship together with other people. Each player assumes one specific position on the ship, such as captain, helmsman or weapons officer. Players must communicate and work together to survive.

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 A networked multiplayer game

This project started out as an experiment with a TCP/IP communications library I had written about two years prior. I had done some tests with it before in the shape of card games, but I found that the library could handle a surprisingly large volume of connections and data. So, why not? :D I worked on this project during the summer holidays of 2016 and 2017.

 Goal for this project

My goal for this game is to power LAN parties; to allow a group of friends to have a fun evening playing some weird game. It's in no small part inspired by Artemis SSBS, with a little touch of FTL: Faster than Light in there as well. My friend Sam Minh Ly produced most of the sprites, and the source code is publicly available on GitHub.

 What this project taught me

While I haven't had much time to continue work on this project, this game was valuable dive into networking, Lua scripting, and gameplay programming. I built my own scene replication system on top of my custom networking layer and learned how to work efficiently with the MonoGame Framework. I had a blast working on it, and while the project is probably a little bit overscoped for a simple summer project, I am happy with what I have learned.

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