Mika Molenkamp
Generalist Game Programmer
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Some see life, others only see-food. In Octopus Rush, you play as a little squid who's escaping from the clutches of the evil chef, who wants to turn you into sushi.

Fling yourself across a procedurally generated sushi restaurant. Don't fall off, and try not to bump into anything...

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 My role in this project

I participated as a first-time Scrum master during this project, and gameplay programmer. My responsibilities included working together with the product owner to manage scope, oversee the sprints and maintain the Trello board. The development period was short (just two weeks), but together with the product owner (Max Blom) we had a clear vision for the game, got the team excited about the idea, and raced to get everything done.

It was a great learning experience, such a short development cycle really forces you to prioritize tasks and scope correctly. I'm proud of what we built!

 A custom controller!

The focus of this project was to make a game using an innovative custom control method. We came up with an egg-shaped device, with eight buttons. Each button controls one of the octopus' legs.

As it's rather unfeasible to get a copy of the custom controller, it's also possible to play with keyboard, using ASDFJKL; on your keyboard. It takes some getting used to, but it works well! Download available below.

 Demo Video


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