Mika Molenkamp
Generalist Game Programmer
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We can no longer afford to run. Now is the time to strike, Commander. The fleet is counting on you.

In Exiles of Auriga, you control a fleet in an immersing space combat simulator. Using the Vive controllers, assemble your fleet, select your ships, draw flight paths, order attack manoeuvers, and achieve victory.

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 My role in this project

After having worked on our custom game engine for 16 weeks, during which I worked as core engine programmer, we recruited several artists and designers to start producing an actual game using our engine. I then took on the role of lead programmer. I've learned much about how such a position works: communicating with the art and design departments, delegating tasks to other programmers, and communicating progress to the production department. All in all, a great learning experience, and I'd love to do it again.

 About our custom engine

In half a year, we developed a custom game engine from scratch, affectionately named 'Jackal Engine'. It's written in C++ and geared specifically towards 3D RTS games using the HTC Vive. With six programmers in total, we did everything we could to ensure that our artists and designers could tell their story. We have built several editors and tools to support them, including a scene editor, particle editor, and unit stat editor. Check the screenshots below!



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