Mika Molenkamp
Generalist Game Programmer
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Heemlanden Museum

An interactive, digital art museum, showcasing various 2D and 3D projects made by students of College de Heemlanden. The impressive gallery can be dynamically updated by lecturers.

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 My role in this project

Together with my friend Jorrit Neslo, we built this museum from the ground up. I was responsible for the programming, audio, and gallery system, while he did all the environment art for the project.

We were commissioned by our old school, College de Heemlanden, to do this project, and were paid for it. I'm really quite proud of what we've built - it's a nice-looking expo overall, and it has the very useful benefit of being easily updateable (see below).

 Leaf System

Lecturers can update the museum gallery at any time, through my user-friendly tool 'Leaf'. They can import photos or scans of artwork, crop and tweak them as they like, and export the galleries. Clients out in the wild will automatically look for and download the new versions of the gallery.

Some technical details: Leaf takes pictures of any size (large raw camera footage is preferred), and exports them to a collection of downscaled, power-of-two sized JPGs. In Unity, I then convert those JPGs to textures, and place them on canvases along the walls. To help minimize network usage, the game compares SHA1 hashes of the current and newest gallery.

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